July 10, 2016

In my mind, I become oblivious of the realness of every tragic event that occurs on this earth. It's hard to fully understand the impact a tragedy can bring unless you can relate. We all can relate in a small way though. We all are human, and that is enough of a relation to keep our mind open to everything that surrounds us. 


The atmosphere felt different as I went out for an evening jog late Thursday evening. As I made my way downtown, I kept noticing police cars everywhere with their red and blue likes continuously flashing. I ran all the way to pioneer square (center of sw Portland) and stopped as I heard a collection of voices shouting in the distance. A few hundred feet ahead of me, an army of bodies came up walking towards the square.


Protesters always tend to make me nervous but this one was different. The protest all started from continuous harm police have been causing the black community. In the past few days, two videos went viral after two black men have been shot by a white cop, for the wrong reasons. This protest stressed the significants of equality in the black community. All different races participated, fighting for the same thing. They were respectful while stressing their point. Along with the protesters, the Portland cops kindly blocked the streets off and road along side. Halfway through their protest, they stopped at an intersection and began chatting a rhythmic tune. Everyone smiled and danced away with the words they all sang. Tears glossed up my eyes as I captured these moments on film. (video still to come). I love, love and I loved seeing everyone be a part of the beautiful, strong word. Everyone was one.


t's not the police who are bad, it's the bad people inappropriately placed in police uniforms who are at fault.




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