West to East Washington

September 7, 2016


(sorry if there are spelling errors or grammar errors or somthing)
Finally, after spending the weekend at the festival, I was finally able to hit the road and explore the rest of the country. As you may know, I do not have a house at the moment (AND IT'S SWEET). I left Seattle early Monday morning and set out for Spokane, Wa located in the west side of the state. Along the way, I took a quick stop at Palouse falls, a sweet waterfall located in the middle of the desert. 

A few miles down the road, while driving, I saw a unique graffitied bus placed in the center of the barren desert fields. I parked my car and walked through the weeds to explore a little deeper. Odd, but interesting. 

After the falls I headed to an overlook of the Palouse.

I'm offly terrible at navigating and have pretty much zero sense of direction. The overlook was a mere one hour drive away from my last stop but took me nearly three hours till I finally found it. I drove back and fourth about three times untill I discovered the correct way to Steptoe Butte.

Steptoe Butte is a state park located on top of a mountain in the middle of all the rolling farm land of Palouse. The drive to the summit is a windy road that wraps around the mountain, eventually flattening as you reach the top. Coming from Pennsylvania, I thought I've seen all the farmland lanscape the world could offer but as I rested on this overlook and channeled my eyes on the vast, endless amount of land, I stood corrected.

It was a long day of driving but the evening was luckly more relaxed. I arrived at my Couchsurfers house at around 7 o'clock in Spokane. From there, we attended a cookout at a friends and I was able to converse with all the locals and learned a ton about the area and their lives. My couchsurging host, Dale, and I were able to easily make conversation as he was a concert promoter back in the day. Once we made it back to the house, he gave me a tour of his sick cd collecting. His taste was diverse ranging from harcore christan rock, to soft folk. Unique taste for a unique dude.

Tomorrow I'm getting a grand tour of his home city.

Life is such a joy.
Love you all,

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