Cabin in the Country

October 25, 2016

 For anyone who reads this, you may come across these photos as seductive. 


I moved to Texas three weeks ago and still haven't found a house. I've stayed with 3 different strangers, as I continuously checked the internet for a place to move. It's a joy being free enough that I don't need a stable life to keep me happy. I enjoy not knowing where I'm going or how I'm getting there. Life is a mystery and I continue to live it as one. 


I've recently been staying with someone in a little cabin located in the middle of country land. It's a beautiful area, and a secluded location to dive into new types of photography I never attempted. 


When I looked at the house, and the surrounding land, it reminded me of a lot. From movies to past experiences; places and things place pictures in my head of stories and ideas. This particular place reminded me of someone I personally know living alone. Someone who deals with a lot of stress, anxiety, depression and lack of self confidence. Someone who loves the world but portrays it through the worst of ways. They are demeaning, rude, vulgar, and loud but never truly mean anything action or word they say or do.


You never know what someones going through. Even the worst of people aren't bad. Our minds are strong and take over us. Sometimes we can fight it, but sometimes we can't. 


Your take on anything, is up to you. My art is your opinion. 


Thank you,

and I love you all.


Ryan Rose


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